Sirocco fan

Sirocco fan

It is suitable for low-speed ratation in the environment of high wind volume and low static pressure.
It is used for general building ventilation and circulation fan for air conditioners.
Wing is forward curved and have low noise, stable blast characteristics due to its processing method, molding.
It is widely used as a general air blower, gust blower, and air-conditioning circulatory blower.

Wings shape

· The wings are short and wide. 10mmAq to 80mmAq, 10m3/m to 5,000m3/m (low static pressure, heavy wind)
· The end of the wing is forward curved, which is bent to the turning derection. (Forward curve)
· The number of wings is more than other product. (between 42~120)

Product feature

· It is suitable for high wind volume and low static pressure. And its installation area is smaller compared to other products.
· Low-nnoise and quiet-driving when the shape of the impeller is for low-speed driving.
· Installation of Vane Damper makes it easy to adjust wind volume and static pressure and, accordingly, it is easy to manage energy efficiently by positioning.
· Power rises rapidly when operated below the static pressure of the reference specifications.