Airfoil fan

Airfoil fan

It is suitable for high wind volume and low static pressure environment.
the rotation speed of blower is higher than multi-blade fan.
It is used for general air blower, air raising for air conditioner.
the wing is aerofoil, and difficult to produce. So we developed a mold and achieved low-noise, high efficiency.
It is widely used as a general air blower, ventilation, air raising for air conditioner.

Wings shape

· The wings are long and narrow. 50mmAq to 350mmAq (Heavy wind, medium pressure)
· The wing is double and backward curved, which is bent to the rear of turning direction.
· The number of wings is small(10~16)

Product feature

· Most efficient product in the environment of same wind volume and static pressure.
· It is low-noise during high-speed rotations due to aerofoil's smooth flow path formation.
· There is a slight change in wind pressure due to changes in wind volume, but the range of power change is small.
· Installation of Suction Vance Damper makes it easy to adjust wind volume and, accordingly, it is easy to manage energy efficiently.