Axial flow fan

Axial flow fan

It is made by placing the wings of the model in the direction of the circumference and putting them in a circular cavity.
It is used for ventilation of general buildings and for ventilation in tunnels.
the casings are made of steel plates, the wings are made of aluminum and engineering plastic.
Basically it is directly coonected to the motor, but we can preduce it in the V-belt system.

Wings shape

· The wing is aerofoil. 10mmAq to 80mmAq (Heavy wind, low static pressure)
· Axial inflow has allowed the discharge to be made axially through guide vanes and spins.
· The wing quantity is 4 to 18 and it is easy to adjust the wind flow. It is made of Al-casting, E.P.Y., Engineering plastic, etc.

Product feature

· Used in the environment of heavy wind and low static pressure.
· The installation space is considerably smaller than other products and is easy to install.
· The characteristic space moves horizontally from a relatively low presuure piont, so there are fewer power changes.
· The noise caused by friction in flow structures such as axial inflow and leakage in the middle of the doctor is rather loud.